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September 19, 2018

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February 6, 2016

Cloaks of activism

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Communist, Anarchist, Feminist, Anti-castist, Free Knowledge Hacktivist, Free Speech Advocate, Democrat, Atheist, Anti-racist, LGBT Activist, environmentalist, anti-imperialist and so many other cloaks that a liberal can wear. Ofcourse there are the opposite cloaks for a conservative person also. Amongst so many cloaks, which is the best fit for a person. A person can either have choice of renting one of the cloak for sometime or be forced to choose one of these based on his/her circumstances. Can a boy really wear the cloak of feminism, can he really internalize what a girl has to go through just due to an accident of her being born as a girl? Can an upper-caste really wear the anti-castist cloak without having ever faced with any discrimination or having to be aware of his/her caste identity in a public place? Ofcourse they can rent these cloaks for sometime, lending their voices in support but they can never represent the truly oppressed or shape their movement.

Ambedkar’s commandments to the oppressed, ‘Educate, Agitate, Organize’ represents very well as the direction for the people from the oppressed community. However, for the people from the non-oppressed who would like to support the oppressed and stand with them, in my opinion, the commandment should be to support the leaders from the oppressed rather than taking the role of leader themselves. And this ofcourse is the most challenging aspect for such a person who has always been habituated to lead and direct the decision process.

These lines from the ‘Dalit Marxist Manifesto‘ beautifully present the behaviour of an upper-caste in the dalit movement. “Such attitude is part of growing up upper-caste in India, they just can’t imagine how to look at the world without them being at the center of it, they can’t look at a lower-caste person except from above. Being progressive, radical, revolutionary are not just products of only honest, idealist and painstaking study and analysis of the world but also a resurfacing of the old theme of Higher-hood now denied to them, or they live in denial of, adjusted on a new surface.”

Gandhi and Ambedkar’s tussle in various aspects represents this very well. Gandhi did wear the cloak of being an anti-castist but he could never internalize it and so much that he always gave much more priority to freedom struggle against the Britishers than fighting the caste system within his own society. For Ambedkar, the freedom struggle against Britishers had very little significance as compared to the freedom struggle against the castist society.

This tussle between various cloaks that a liberal wears will always exist. Hence you see the feminist not talking about caste as an issue or even feminist not talking about LGBT rights as much. The environmentalists may talk about Tribal rights but will not talk about farmer suicides. Communists talk about exploitations in work place with their friends in living rooms while asking their wives to prepare food for the comrades.

Ofcourse this does not undermine their contributions to their own activism. Gandhi’s contribution to freedom struggle cannot be challenged and we can only respect him for his sacrifices and appreciate his bravery. This discussion of cloaks is still limited to people who choose to act, where as there are millions who continue to choose to be naked and whose silence allows oppression to be continued. Hence this tussle in whatever way still leads to something better for the society as against doing nothing.

February 13, 2009

meaning of “finger hug”— this meaning is approved by international agencies.

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tightly holding the finger by ur hand so that the person feels ver warm and comforted

February 4, 2009

shani dev – the planet or god responsible for bad luck

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I was told this time by my aunty that my bad time thanks to Shani Dev will start in around 6 months and it will be there for around 7 years. This made me scary at start but then i started thinking about it. I came to following conclusion.
If my bad time should start, that should be because I had done something wrong in the past and thats why i will suffer for it. I am not talking about last birth’s sins but things that i didnt do in this birth which i should have done. Like the way i wasted my engineering life without gaining any knowledge. I am sure, due to that reason i will suffer in future. However this also made me think that if my next r going to be very bad for me, then the time after that will be very good for me. Hence I came to the conclusion that what i will be doing during my bad time is actually right and that is what will bring good time for me.

P.S. writing blog in a haste, so the blog might not be very good.

January 7, 2009

Back to life….Prabhuji

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one month ago, i had no clue as to what i was doing or what i am supposed to do. my life had just come to a standstill with no work to do at all. spent most of the time watching movies and series. But fifteen days with Nettech has changed everything completely. From a back bencher who tried to hide his face from professors so that he could sleep nicely during class, i became a guy who always wanted to get noticed in class by his questions and by his answers and sometimes by his jokes. From a person who used to take photocopies of notes from toppers of class during exams, i became a guy who maintained notes of every single point mentioned in class and my notes were referred to before the tests by others even though my handwriting is very bad. I dont know why i changed. It might be because for the first time in my engineering life, professors called me by name in class or might be because the subject was so interesting that i couldnt just ignore it or might be because since i had already very good knowledge in Linux, i had an advantage over all other classmates and i just wanted to continue. Whatever might be the reason, i am surely happy that i have changed. I just hope that i am able to make these changes permanent and not turn back into my older version now that i am back in college.

December 19, 2008


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Earlier in one of my posts, The Dark Knight’s review, I had observed that an hero can be successful only when he has no dependent on him because then he has no weaknesses which can be exploited by others. But it came to my mind today that if hero doesnt have any dependent then where will he get any motivation to to do something like a hero. Without any dependent, he doesnt have any reason to become a hero.

December 11, 2008

9th dec

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we went and met Sanyal Sir at 10. He was expecting some report from us but we had gone there empty handed. In the meeting he also set a deadline of 15th dec to submit sometype of paper on cluster computing. Then we told him that we wanted minimum of 3 computers to create a cluster. For this he asked to wait for Rajkumar sir who would provide us computers. he came at 11’0 clock. he asked us select any computers from the lab.some computers had 3 NIC which was very good for us as we needed minimum 2 NIC in the server. we were more lucky as i found a computer with Fedora 8 OS. we decided to make it as our server. then i installed the oscar packages as was given in the installation guide. but we needed a switch to install oscar in client nodes. so we decided to call it a day. then i came back to room and played aoe. and then watched mahabharath. in the evening, sandeep,santya and kiran went to bench. i wasnt interested as i was very tired. i had plans to go to LH more for dinner. but when they came back, they told me that it was Aunty’s shop was closed. So then i decided to prepare Maggi. I had a half packet Maggi. I prepared maggi from it. it was much better than last time. after dinner i again played aoe for sometime and watched mahabharath. then went to sleep.

December 9, 2008

spirit of media

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after the mumbai incident, i got into the habit of watching the videos displayed on “The Times Of India” web page. i would get the latest update on the mumbai incident and how the world is reacting to it. however today when i looked at the video section, the first video wasnt about the mumbai incident. Ironically it was about Katrina Kaif being the sexiest woman for Bristish Inidans according to some poll. That is when i realized the spirit of media which is very much similar to spirit of mumbai. Mumbaikars return back to their normal life even after there is a chain of train blasts the previous day. Similarlly media return backs to the glamour world as soon as possible even after an incidents like Taj-Oberoi hostage situation. Well i think viewers and readers do like glamour more than life-security unlike me.

December 8, 2008

8th dec

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got up at 9:45 after Tanamay woke me up. we had decided to go and meet Sanyal Sir at 10. However just before getting up i was having a dream that i had scored 9.23 in 7th sem. this might have been because of Tanmay constantly saying that it was 9:45 already. somehow i always feel that dreams are always related to what is happening to us at that particular moment. like if someone is throwing water on us while sleeping, we dream that we are drowning or playing rain or something like that.
well we went to dept at 10 and waited for around 30 mins. after that we asked someone in dept where Sanyal Sir was. he told us that Sir was attending the seminar on CERN. So we decided to come back at 3.
when we went at 3, Sanyal Sir was busy with seminars of MCA. after sometime he came out and he saw us waiting for him. he asked us to come at 10. so have to go and meet him tomorrow at 10. then i came back and watched The Lion King- part 2. then started playing AOE. after that went to have dinner at LH more alongwith Santya and Kiran and had Maggi and Bun-Omelette as there was nothing else. then came to room and after sometime went to play Football alongwith Sattu,Ankush, Doon, Harry, Mrinal and others. enjoyed it very much. the teams were North and sandeep vs rest(me,Usuf,Mrinal, Basant and Tudu). we won 6-2. came back at around 1. then after some time went to sleep.

December 8, 2008

7th dec

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quite a good day. after trying to install CentOS for 3 times yesterday, i finally gave up and installed Fedora 8 in Bacchas’s CPU. Even that took me 3 times before Fedora was installed successfully. After that, i tried installing basic softwares in it. wasnt successful initially. VLC and SMPLAYER had libpulse dependency problem. after trying for some more time unsuccessfully, i gave up. However then i tried to install OSCAR using the tutorial given in its site. was successful till here. wasnt able to continue as i needed another NIC for that.So I shifted to Windows to play AOE and watch movies. Watched The Lion King-part 1. Downloaded full series of mahabharat which was of total size 22.4gb. then went to LH more to have dinner. then after coming back started watching first episode of mahabharat. then went to sleep.

December 7, 2008

5th and 6th dec.

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Didnt update here as i did nothing useful other than enjoying. On 5th collected the CPU from Baccha as soon as her exam was over. then went to CCD along with VT(host),Dorxana,Baccha and Anjali(the chief guest of the treat). Had a very nice time over there pulling each other’s leg. Was beaten by Anjali quite few times, someday will take revenge. Then went to see off Baccha who went to Howrah by bus along with Gandhi and Rama.
On 6th, got up early and had breakfast. then spent time playing cricket in the wing. then in the evening went to see off wingmates those who were going to Goa, Tushar ,Bala, Patil, Vijay and Pa2. Then in the night connected Baccha’s CPU to Vijay’s monitor. Finally i now have a working computer all for myself after about 2 months. Lappy is still sick.