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April 15, 2017

The book of 0 and 1

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Imagine I had a nice fat and fancy notebook with great binding completely empty. I ask a young child who knows how to write 0 and 1 beautifully to fill that notebook completely, line by line, page by page with 0s and 1s. I give full liberty to the child to write it any sequence. At the end of the week, after 7 long days of writing the child returns and gives back the book very happy with the accomplishment. Now in a way of appreciation, I give the child a golden pen, which writes with golden ink and ask it to write a small sequence of 0 and 1 on the binding of the book.
Finally my book of 0 and 1 is ready. If at this moment, I would have come to you and tell you to buy the book from me for a small amount of money. Unless you are really feeling generous or pity on me, you would of course tell me that the book is worth nothing.

Now at this stage, I ask another random person, to choose any page of the book and any sequence of 0 and 1 and try to feed it into any of the machine he/she poses. What might happen. The machine understands the sequence and either return some gibberish or return something which we can understand. If the machine returns gibberish, I ask the person to change the machine and try again till it returns something more meaningful.

I do the same with many different people. Each choose their own random sequence from the book, their own machine to interpret it and then try to get something meaningful out of it what they can understand.

Now I have a book of some value as people are able to make some meaning out of it. Wonderful. I start a game, asking people to find the longest sequence in the book which makes sense. The game goes viral, there are now many machines which are able to make meaningful statements out of the sequence of the book. Very soon, we design machines specifically so that it returns meaningful statements just for the sequence of the book.
This book is the book of religion.

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